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Kalie + Wyn: Engagement

Kalie & Wyn are definitely picture perfect.

and…what could be better than engagement pictures???

Engagement pictures at the Perry Fair! We had so much fun!

The carnies were great too! (Who doesn’t love an engaged couple??) They let us jump to the front of the lines and ride for free to capture the great shots you’ll see below!

I was amazed at the vibrant colors and different locations we were able to shoot at… Wyn made sure to mention they were all places the general public was not allowed!:)

I’m so excited for you two, Kalie & Wyn!

Hope you enjoy your preview!

Jaeli’s 1st Fair!

Those of you who’ve seen my website may be wondering who that perfect little child in my “About” section is….

Meet Jaeli.

The most perfect niece a girl could ask for.

I was sooooo excited today when we went to the fair! — Her first one…

She had barbecue (only b/c some pediatrician said she’s too little for corn dogs), a funnel cake, went to the petting zoo where a llama spit on my dad and rode her first ride.. the helicopters… Talk about an eventful day!

And yes she is exactly 30″ tall(with her pony tail)…. How do I know that? ….Those little meters that say you have to be “this tall” to ride. hahaha

She had a great time and was the cutest little one there– oh and she loved spend time with her “d-d”… (thats’s me!)

Mom grabbed my camera and took a quick shot of us at the ticket booth… Good job Mom!

I guess photography must run in the family!:)



Jeff + Whitney : Engaged

I love Jeff & Whitney.

It’s true…:)This is the part of my job where I get to walk away with friends! Yay!

And who wouldn’t want to be friends with this couple?!

Whitney is the type of girl who could walk out of the house without makeup on or her hair done and still look stunning!

She’s just as sweet as she looks and giggled throughout our shoot at the “sweet nothings” Jeff whispered in her ear… and I’m really curious what those were! ha ha

Jeff is calm, cool and collected…and sooooo patient…. Especially when I asked him to stand near a dumpster. What a guy! I He warned me he was “completely awkward” in pictures..  :)… but I never believed him(shhh…)


Taylor: Class of 2012

Taylor S…..

Last year around Christmas time I was connected to this sweet girl, who I’m proud to call my friend today.:)

Her parents saw the natural talent in her photography hobby and decided it was time to make a major investment– a DSLR camera!

Taylor’s mom worked with a friend of mine and we sneaked messages back and forth discussing the camera that would be perfect for Taylor to begin with!

Needless to say, she was shocked at Christmas with her new gift and we enrolled together in a photography workshop that changed our lives!

Taylor’s natural eye and vision was evident in the class, but thats because she lives and breathes art.. (…though she would never admit it)

She has a unique eye and is able to see something completely destroyed and make it beautiful….Her latest venture? Windows.

She takes old windows and paints designs that people all over her county hang in their houses…

She dreams of going to SCAD next year– and they’d be crazy not to accept her.:)

I had such a great time at PIKE DEPOT shooting her pictures– and now they will be featuring her windows!

Congratulations Taylor!

We’re all proud of you!






Erica + Daniel

Yesterday morning was the perfect day to capture Erica and Daniel’s anniversary pictures! They were such a fun couple and by the end of the shoot, were coming up with their own ideas! It was great!

We started off at Krispy Kreme on Ponce then went to the Vortex in Little 5, Krog Tunnel, and finally ended at the Fox Theater….

Such an exciting couple with … a lot of surprises 😉

Enjoy the pictures you two! and Happy Anniversary!




Wedding: Marianna + Valeriy

Tucked away in the quaint little town of Rochester, NY lies Colgate Divinity School. If it was just a college, the majestic castle- like structure would be beautiful enough for any daddy’s princess to attend, but the seminary school was not what made it divine this past Sunday.

It was the joining together of Val and Marianna’s lives. One of the most beautiful, holy unions I have yet been priveledged to be a part of.

The rebel, visionary and revolutionist from my home town of Atlanta- Dr. Martin Luther King, graduated from this very school… I couldn’t help but think Val and Marianna shared some of the same characteristics that made him so different… Misunderstood by many, loved by more, but a world changer is what he is remembered for , today…. I think Val and Marianna are headed in the same direction….

I flew in Saturday morning and met Marianna for the first time in person! The skype conversations we had just could not possibly do justice to the beautiful person, inside and out, that she truly is.

And Val- oh my goodness… Hadn’t changed a bit since I met him in college. Crazy, funny and full of mischief!

I laughed when they re-told the story of how they met… The typical “boy-sees-girl-meets-girl-asks-girl-out-and-girl-says-no” story. Val was charmingly relentless and planted “love seeds” for a year before asking the second time for a date…. This time Marianna said yes.

Oh- and I can’t write this blog without mentioning the bridal party! They were so much fun! I’d love to tell you ALL the places we took pictures at but I think some are supposed to be a secret 😉 . ahhaha Lets just say- the guys were really creative before the wedding, and the girls were really creative after the wedding!

One thing is sure.. I had so much fun learning about their Ukranian culture.. tasting the food….. hearing Marianna’s mother pray in Slavic (I understood nothing- but cried)…. experiencing certain traditions…… but most of all the time everyone shared…. it was a never ending party of friends that connected like family! What a great community to be a part of!!!

I hope you enjoy my favorites from the day…. Congratulations Val and Marianna, may your wildest dreams come true.



Kyle - February 17, 2012 - 1:27 pm

THis is the best shoot ever! :)

Kellie + Robert

Kellie and Robert were so much fun to be with today!

From the billiard rooms to  Starbucks, this crew was certain they were going to have a good a time!

Here’s a sneak peak!





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