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Emily + Bryan

A few months ago I posted photos on Facebook of Bryan’s Mother and Father’s 25th wedding anniversary. It was not only a celebration of love, but a celebration of life. Mr. Tony, Bryan’s father, had surpassed doctors expectations and survived almost 3 years after surgery and treatment of a rare brain cancer called glioblastoma.

As Bryan and Emily dated they learned from example the great love that Bryan’s parents shared and how to trust God in difficult circumstances. Mr. Tony & Mrs. Sherry often reminded them that Christ was the “glue” that held together their marriage.. and to always keep him first in their relationship.

After Mr. Tony and Mrs. Sherry came home from their 25th anniversary wedding cruise, they found out on Bryan’s birthday, June 20, that the cancer was back and with a fury. The first time he was diagnosed with the cancer, doctors gave him year to live but they didn’t understand the power of prayer and the miraculous hand of God.

Though doctors have given another sentence on Mr. Tony’s life, the family is believing in God again for a miracle… and in the mean time planning the wedding of their only son, Bryan.

When people tell me they’ve never seen the miracles of God at work, I tell this story. Every step has been orchestrated by the Lord and the community has come together to lift the arms of family in need of prayer and support. I’m so thankful to all of the vendors who have offered their services for their August 31 wedding:

Viktoriya Evich Krudu Photography

DJ Matthew Bodden

Chelsea Lauren Hair & Makeup

Vasily & Katie Lantukh: Rental Equipment and shooting

Dawn Herd Cakes

Bryan is man who loves deeply and he couldn’t have chosen a better woman… Emily is a special friend of mine and I knew over a year ago that Bryan would be the man she would spend her life with. She’s the type of girl who would give anything to anyone and is always looking for something to do or someone to help…

When we went to take their pictures, Bryan’s mother gave me a challenge: “Do something you’ve NEVER done with another couple…” …and in doing that I wanted to keep with their style and personality… We actually didn’t drive more than 5 miles from Bryan’s house to take these, and completed them in only an hour.  (I was shocked too! )

I have to say my favorite pictures were taken in the canoe, where I was standing in  knee-deep water to get “the shot.” (totally worth it!– they were beautiful!) I loved watching Bryan and Emily interact with each other and see their love in their eyes. It’s couples like this that make me LOVE my job:)

Enjoy the preview and I hope that these pictures and story bring joy to your heart as this couple has to so many others.



Bryan + Emily are laying on his freshly graded land where their house will be built…. Sweet dreams of their future together.


Audrey Cooksey - July 18, 2012 - 7:01 pm

You have done a fantastic job capturing their love. Every time I look at these pictures i see 2 young people so in love. they are such a joy to look at. It makes me feel like I am in a fairy tale.You know the kind you have as a little girl. I was very impressed with what you did with Tony and Sherry but I must say you did it well with Bryan and Emily. I pray that God will continue to show his face on this family and I thank him for the talent he has given you and girl he has blessed you with talent. Use it for his GLORY!
Audrey Cooksey

Viktoriya - July 19, 2012 - 8:53 am

Absolutely beautiful! So thankful to be a part of this amazing day.

Jenny + Drew

Jenny and Drew got married on June 2 at the Barn at High Point Farms… It was amazing.

Though the day was about Jenny and Drew, their friends had to remind them of that.. Jenny was helping her bridesmaids with makeup and other little get-ready tasks, as they tried to convince her not to worry about them. So selfless…

Though Jenny and I had many conversations before her wedding, the wedding day was the first time I met Drew. He was just like Jenny described: Her best friend, a man of God with strong character, and someone who gives her endless laughs…

It was such a joy and honor to be able to spend the day with them. If I could describe their wedding in one word it would be to say it was holy.

They gave Christ glory and honor in every aspect of their wedding day and truly made a covenant that I know will last a lifetime. I’m so excited to see where the Lord takes you on this journey!

Congratulations Jenny + Drew!


Emily - July 4, 2012 - 6:01 pm

Wonderful pictures! Where was their venue?? It’s gorgeous!

admin - September 9, 2012 - 7:39 pm

It was the Barn at HighPoint Farms in Flinstone, GA!

Vasily + Katie

Those of you who follow my blog regularly met Katie and Vasily a few months ago when they got engaged in New York!

Something that’s changed since the last post is Katie’s new job! She works for a pie company! Yay!

I thought it would be cute to incorporate her new career with her engagement shoot so we looked for a Pie Shop… and voila! We literally found.. THE PIE SHOP!

We had such a great time at the Pie Shop in Atlanta. The staff was amazing, friendly and so helpful! … and the Pie? oh my goodness. Out of this world! I cannot believe I haven’t been here before. The pies speak for themselves and would’ve been enough for any “foodie” but the atmosphere and design looked like it came straight from my Pinboards! (Pinterest) Totally a win-win.

Truly a new fav of mine.. Thanks Pie Shop for letting us take photos here!


Chad + Mandy

“The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The opportunity of life is to serve. The secret of life is to dare. The spice of life is to befriend. The beauty of life is to give. The joy of life is to love.” – William Arthur Ward

I’m so amazed at the goodness of God and how He turns “mourning into dancing.”

Over the years I’ve watched Chad, widowed while his daughter was still an infant, raise a wonderful little girl- Windsor Claire. I’ve been amazed at the strength, gentleness and determination he’s displayed that undoubtedly has made him the amazing father that he is. My family has often talked about the special woman that would be needed for Chad one day– but never could we have imagined that she would be as wonderful, beautiful, and as kind as Mandy is.

Mandy was also widowed and has raised her son Tristen to be the funny, smart adventurous little boy that he is.:)

God sure knew what he was doing when he caused their worlds to collide. Not only do Chad and Mandy adore and love each other more than words I could attempt to write on this page… but Windsor and Tristen do as well.

They wanted a small intimate ceremony that included their new family: Chad, Mandy, Tristen and Windsor Claire.

After they said their vows, we headed outside for some photos and had a great time:)

For everyone that knows the two of them, we rejoice with them and celebrate the new life they will share together!

Congratulations you two! We are so happy for you:)

Megan + Graham

Almost a year ago I met Megan and her mom at Safehouse Coffee to talk about her wedding. They were the type of people you meet once and feel like you’ve known them forever.

True southern charm.

Gorgeous and giddy, she described Graham to me:

A country boy. A southern gentleman. Her best friend. The man who she longs to spend the rest of her life with.

When I met Graham, during their engagement shoot, he was everything she had described. He warned me he’s “not the best at pictures”– but I didn’t believe him… He’s a natural:)

Following the women in Graham’s family, Megan decided to get married in Graham’s grandmother’s backyard. It was stunning. Situated on a lake with all the charm and grandeur of a Southern Living magazine, they made the most important commitment they could in this lifetime.

I really enjoyed photographing all the little details inside the house and at the reception.– and the Reception was so much fun! What a great group of friends and family!

Megan wrote a letter to Graham every day since they were engaged… She presented him with this journal on their wedding day.







Eden + Currie

It’s always a joy to photograph friends and share in their story as you watch love unfold over the months of a budding relationship… This is the story of Eden and Currie.

I met Eden through her sister (who was my college roommate) and Currie through my little sister who attended school with him.

Such a small world!

Eden laughs as she tells their story… She wasn’t so sure about this country boy at first, but Currie was determined…. and Eden fell hard.

Currie calls it “that country boy charm” and charmed is definitely the word I would use to describe the way Eden looks at Currie. Their engagement session was filled with giggles and blushes from Eden and plenty of “one liners” from Currie. haha

After we shot at a few locations around Currie’s house we headed down the street to some areas that I have been dying to shoot at! We took Currie’s vintage ’54 Chevrolet which definitely added to the charm of the photos! His team at Currie’s Collision worked hard to get it “up and running” for these pictures…. and as their get-a-way car for the wedding!

I’m so excited for both of you and can’t wait for the wedding in October!:)

Congratulations you two!


My day with Aunty

This isn’t my first day with Aunty, but a day where I really conceptualized how precious days like these were.Many wonderful days have preceded this one, but today I feel like all my days with such a great woman should be recorded. So the journey begins..

It started early for her, 4:30 a.m. to be exact where she boarded her cancelled flight from the previous day to meet me in Ottawa.

She arrived at 9:09 a.m. and excitedly called  to tell me she had landed… which is quite normal– she’s always extremely thoughtful.. Then at 9:45 she comes through border control with security to tell me she’ll be a little longer because her baggage didn’t arrive. I laughed….  it’s just like Aunty to get special privileges. You can’t help but love her… ask any stranger.

As the day lingered and laughs ensued I tried to convince her to go shopping with the money the airline allotted to her… She was convinced that United would bring her bags and as any faithful customer would, she waited… and waited… and waited. After many phone calls, lunch.. and coffee, she relented and we went shopping.

She had been in the same clothes for 60 hours due to cancelled flight and lost luggage, yet the first thing she suggested to buy was gifts for her family… not even her necessities. I love this woman. — Not because of how much she’s sacrificed that has helped thousands of people— but because she doesn’t sacrifice to simply sacrifice… That’s who she is. It’s real. It’s genuine…it’ s Christ’s love manifested in a beautiful 86-year-old woman.

It’s Aunty.

It’s the amazing missionary’s wife(Mark Buntain) who traveled with her husband in 1954 to sacrifice years of service to the Indian people that began in Calcutta. It’s the woman who helped found a feeding program that today feeds 25,000 people a day, educates 30,000 kids a year, provides free healthcare to 40,000 people a year has planted more than 950 churches and is predominately run by national leadership.

In the midst of reading the Live|Dead journal I can’t help but connect with one of the missionaries who wrote a chapter…”The Sudan wasn’t a stretch for me. Sure it was scary going there, but it wasn’t a sacrifice. Some people, and I guess I am one of them, are naturally geared toward a more adventurous lifestyle… It wasn’t hard. I loved learning languages; To be quite honest living as an undercover missionary put me in an exclusive club of newly minted missions superstars…”

One thing Aunty kept saying today when anyone would make a “to do” about who she was, was” I’m not a celebrity. Where would we be without the national leadership? Without the church and supporters who gave? They are the people who should be in the magazines. Not me.”

As much as I’d like to think India was sacrifice for me, the last 2 years of living in my home-town has made me realize otherwise. India wasn’t a sacrifice. It definitely wasn’t what Aunty went to in 1954 where she was lucky to receive a letter from her family…

We had internet… A/C when I wasn’t in the village.. running water and restrooms for the most part and friends that made you forget everything you were living without because we loved together… India.

We loved the people, the language, the culture, the weird smells that we sometimes complained about and upon returning jumped off the plane and cried tears of joy because it “smelled like Calcutta.” That’s what I loved..

And being here in my home town the Lord has begun to deal with me in the same way as the missionary in the chapter I mentioned… two questions he asked were “Are you measuring your sacrifice by what is hard for someone else? Are you willing to be the sacrifice as opposed to making it?”

Loving the people of India was something that came incredibly easy for me. Loving my hometown- something the Lord has been teaching me. And as my heart has broken over and over again for India the Lord in doing the same for my city. The hurting are everywhere. The sick are everywhere. The lost are everywhere.

We don’t have to go far to find it…. but will we open our hearts and eyes to see people the way Christ sees them?

I joked around with my friend Brooke, because I’m dying to be back in India, but choosing to be content where God has me. So I call her and tell her things I’m thankful for in Griffin.:)… and then we’ll trail off to our stories of being roomies in Calcutta.:)

Oh the days.

My heart beats for that city, that country, and today… today was amazing…

…Because I had a little piece of the city with me all day long. (Aunty)

To read more about Aunty… visit

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