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All about Cami

I briefly met Cami this summer at A/G General Council in Orlando, Florida.

I was there helping Calcutta Mercy Ministries at their booth and she was there with her parents, who I had met earlier that year on a cruise. (Small world, right??)

Her parents connected us because we both have one incredibly awesome factor about us: We love India! (ha ha)

Cami went the first time this past summer and though we didn’t get to connect as long as I would’ve hoped at the conference, we got a WHOLE hour yesterday shooting! (woo woo!) She graciously agreed to be my model– and I mean oh my goodness, she should do this full time- what a natural! (ha ha)

Cami exudes joy and we had a blast shooting together..

One of my favorite props that Camie brought yesterday was her yellow and green blanket.

Ask me why I love it?

It’s an old hand stitched Saree that women rescued from the red light district in Calcutta, India¬† made… and it’s from an organization I know very well, Project Rescue.

I’ve heard such sweet stories of redemption from the many friends I have connected with this organization, and couldn’t be more thrilled that Cami and her family are loving these women by purchasing their product to provide these women with alternative income.

Thank you Cami for making time for this shoot yesterday! I’m so excited for you as you finish your year at James River Leadership College . Here’s a sneak peak:)

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