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Jacob + Ana

Jacob is the little brother I never had… and Ana is the girl I could’ve only dreamed of him finding.

So it was no surprise to me when Jacob called me to get in “cahoots” with his plan of proposing to Ana! I was so excited!!

For weeks he researched Ana’s favorite movie, “The Little Rascals” , and was meticulous in planning every little detail to re-enact the “Alfalfa and Darla” scene.

I asked Ana and her friend Crystal to help me practice some lighting techniques today and in exchange for modeling, they would get pictures. We had hair, makeup and styling ready to go and they looked great!

For the first 30 minutes we shot them near an antique store and then went to Dr. Ken’s house for some pictures by his lake…

After she turned around the corner of the house, and saw Jacob I think she may have said “Oh my goodness” about 100 times… hahaha! Followed by “you’re so cute!!!” (I’m sure referring to the piece of hair sticking straight up to imitate Alfalfa!) lol

Ana was so shocked about it all I think she forgot to look at her ring after he put it on her finger! haha! Jacob reminded her though…

Afterwards we all went to my parents house where mom had made Jacob’s favorite peanut butter cake! Jacobs mom had driven 3 hours just to hear about it!

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