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Calcutta Blind School

Psalm 119:48: Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things…

When I was a little girl and in this “club” at church called Missionettes, we did some pretty cool projects. We made crafts, visited nursing homes and were a little like the girl scouts troups but minus the cookies. I enjoyed my little club of girlfriends but never could have imagined one day that I would have the joy of delivering a craft project from little girls (and boys) in the same program!

To say I was proud would be an understatement.

The Assembly of God Tennessee district boys and girls sent me with LOADS of flip flops for the Calcutta Blind School thanks to the direction of Pator Terry and Sam Allen.

But they weren’t just any flop-flips… they were texturized with balloons, ribbons, charms… all things the kids would enjoy feeling since they could not see.

I was so excited to deliver them and finally the day came..August 9th.

I wasn’t sure how we would give them out and I processed through a pretty efficient system of lines, and checking names of a page and handing each flip-flop set out individually…. But then I changed it up once we arrived:)

There was a huge open space and plenty of room to spread them out… so why not let them choose the ones they want?

And that’s what we did. We lined them up and kept some nearby in a suitcase while we invited the kids to come down.

As Director Jabesh Dutt explained that they were given these beautiful flip-flops, the children shyly began coming forward holding each other’s hands…

When the girls first touched them they giggled with delight… Then the boys– they were like kids at Christmas! I’ve never seen such a frenzy when they realized what was happening…. and then the discovery of the suitcase:)It was so sweet– they were all crowding around trying to see which ones I hadn’t pulled out. (Which  they immediately assisted in distributing)

As I was photographing them all at once (and enjoying every minute) I noticed the boys had a pair of flip flops pulled out to the side and were crowded around… I have to admit I was a little worried when I saw the pair of light-up flip flops and wondered why  these were packed… was I ever wrong.

I was stunned to see the kids hitting the bottom of the shoe and placing it close to their eyes..Jabesh explained that some of them have very little vision but can see flashes of light. These flip-flops were PERFECT for those who could!

I am ever amazed at the way God orchestrates His plans and places ideas on the hearts and minds of so many around the world… and I love when those hearts get connected in India.

Thank you Assemblies of God Tennessee for helping bring joy into the lives of these children!

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