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Vasily + Katie

Those of you who follow my blog regularly met Katie and Vasily a few months ago when they got engaged in New York!

Something that’s changed since the last post is Katie’s new job! She works for a pie company! Yay!

I thought it would be cute to incorporate her new career with her engagement shoot so we looked for a Pie Shop… and voila! We literally found.. THE PIE SHOP!

We had such a great time at the Pie Shop in Atlanta. The staff was amazing, friendly and so helpful! … and the Pie? oh my goodness. Out of this world! I cannot believe I haven’t been here before. The pies speak for themselves and would’ve been enough for any “foodie” but the atmosphere and design looked like it came straight from my Pinboards! (Pinterest) Totally a win-win.

Truly a new fav of mine.. Thanks Pie Shop for letting us take photos here!


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