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I love people… especially ones like Savannah and Jenny.

I love connections… especially ones that create lasting friendships.

I love stories… especially ones that don’t end.

Get ready.

Once upon a time when I worked at Turner Field and photographed the World Series… Okay, maybe it’s not so dramatic, but I figure all good stories must start with “once upon a time”…Right?

Anyways I met an amazing guy at work– Vasily…. I photographed his brother’s wedding and met Katie (Vasily’s girlfriend- now fiance).

Vasily and Katie are those friends that you ask–“Why haven’t we met before now”?!

Instant “life partners” as Savannah would say ;)….

Katie’s roomie was (Jenny–see below)…. and I’ll be photographing Jenny’s wedding soon!

……And Jenny’s business partner/best friend is Savannah.. I’ll be doing her anniversary pics soon!

Anyways, that’s how we were connected– our little tree of love and friendships.

Savannah and Jenny aren’t just “stop in your tracks and stare” beautiful— They’re extremely talented bloggers/designers/jewelry makers/ business partners. (I could put a lot more slashes in there but we’ll be brief-ha ha)

When I first met with Jenny to talk about her wedding , she told me about MaieDae (their business)!

I was amazed. It’s so perfect!

Over the weeks Savannah, Jenny, and I exchanged Facebook messages and texts to talk about MaieDae business pics…. but they couldn’t just be any type of business picture. (You know, like the ones where you sit in a studio with the blue background?)

It had to be just as creative/vintage/artsy as they were…. as if that is possible?

…But maybe it is:)

Anyways, I was at a photography class last week and saw some pics that were taken by MyLife Photo and LOVED the location. Catherine was kind enough to share her secret and off we were to this eclectic/artsy venue.

Hope you enjoy the sample photos!… And visit their blog! It’s fantastic!





Jenny - March 16, 2012 - 5:43 pm

SO AMAZING! Thank you so much Danielle! You are the best :) I am absolutely thrilled to see them.

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