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Day 2: in America

I woke up this morning at 5.00 a.m. and I kinda like it.

Jet lag? maybe.. but much more time to spend with Jesus.

As I sit this morning and reflect on a whirlwind of a trip, I’m so thankful I was able to spend those 2 weeks in India. The Lord really taught me so much about true love and what loving Him looks like.

Yesterday, it was funny re-adjusting to life here in America. Because I lived in India almost a year, when I visited, it wasn’t hard to readjust myself to the way life is there.

When I first woke up yesterday, I was a bit delusional trying to figure out where I was– and realized it was my bedroom. Ha! I think all the food I ate in India helped put me into a sleepy coma when I returned.

When I went to the bathroom for a shower, I began looking around for the geyser! (The little machine in India that you have to switch on to give you hot water) I actually got frustrated looking for it, and then started to laugh when I realized the hot water here is automatic.

It’s the little things you learn to appreciate… but there’s so many little things I miss so much there.

I laughed and joked with my friend Oscar(the cool Columbian that came on the trip to do videography–He’s amazing! Check out his work) when I showed him where “my hood” was.

We walked down this tiny little street and all my friends came out to see me! (Word spreads fast)… The tailor, the puri-maker, the Hindu priest, the children, the mafia– ok not really, I call them that lovingly because they run that street and play poker every day. lol. Resemblance? YES! Oh!– and my dog, Happy. Yep- she remembered me.

I was a bit embarrassed with my Bengali skills, which were much better when I lived there… but they were very gracious in re-teaching me some of the basics… and as days went on it did get easier…but not easier to leave.

I’m totally that girl that cries at happy endings in cheesy movies… We all know how it’s going to end, yet we all like the fairytale ending. (Well maybe all except Oscar.. he hadn’t seen most of my favorite chick flicks… –something about being a film junkie… but for the good films! hahaha)

…And the fairytale ending isn’t quite complete at the end of any of my visits to India. I cry because there’s so much need and so little time… because it is like a second home to me… because I learned photography there.. I have family there…because I discovered so much of me there.

I believe so much in India.. because she believed in me.

When I first came 4 years ago as college student, wondering what I was going to do with my life, I ¬†would’ve never imagined that years later I would return as a photographer, working on staff for the very organization I volunteered for.

Life is crazy like that. … and unpredictable-like India.

I think about who I am today and there’s no way my story could be told without India. God has done so much in my life while I’ve been there…this past trip was about learning in truth and love. Loving God with all your heart, soul and mind..¬†what it really means to love and be disciplined in all those areas…

So thankful for a wonderful trip and refreshing time with Jesus.


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