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With all my Heart

“Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” This is the first and greatest commandment.”( Matthew 22:37-38)


My morning started early today. I was so happy when my body naturally woke me up an hour before the intended alarm… gave me three hours till church and a beautiful time with the Lord this morning.

I sat on the outside balcony at Aunty Sheila’s house… Bible, journal and beautiful view of the city.

Gazing over the city, I read Matthew 22. . . and though I’ve read it a million times, today— in India, it was different.

I’m here, in a rapidly developing country, and ask, “What does it mean to love God with all my heart?”

When I go overseas there’s always a few people that give accolades for the work I’m a part of…   But why do we, as Christians, think  it’s radical to love God how he commanded us? With all your heart, soul and mind.

This morning I reflected on a former relationship … trying to compare that “love” to the love I give Christ…..Then, my whole day would be changed to spend time with this guy. I’d get so excited to hear his voice, so excited to know him more…. Gave up sleep, time, resources and sacrificed to be with him- because I wanted to know him. To know how he thought, what he loved, and how to love him. . . I think anyone in love would do the same things.

People say, “you do crazy things when you’re in love–”

But how are we living “crazy” for Christ?

Most Christians go to church, because it’s expected. They read their Bibles and pray a few times a week because “we should.”

But when we truly love Christ—we don’t do “things” because we should, but because we get to.

We don’t “fit” Him into our schedule– our schedule revolves around Him. We make sacrifices, we plan our day, we long to spend time with Him, ask ourselves how we can love him better and are excited to know him.

We don’t care about the status quo.

…the degrees we need to get, having the 2.5 children  , or the boards and committees we need to be a part of.

We don’t just give our spare cash to the poor or to some “missions project “ , our lives change in order to create more giving opportunities—

We do “crazy” things like realize we don’t need that extra pair of shoes every 2 months. . . We realize we don’t have to go to Starbucks once a week. .. or need that really cool new gadget.

For me, loving God whole-heartedly is not about my trips to India or the work I do here. To me, that’s standard. That’s the simple part.  It’s not about the 3 or 4 trips I make here a year… the 2 months I spend here. It’s about the other 10 back home.

How am I living to know Him and love Him more? How do I make him known at home?

Last night I gathered with a group of young adults to celebrate Christmas—It’s hard when your away from your family on Christmas, and this group of Americans and Indians gathered together to celebrate it  like we would in America.

Hence the traditional decorating of the tree. As we hung ornaments on the tree, listened to Christmas music and decorated sugar cookies, I noticed one thing about this group.

A crazy, passionate love for Christ.

Most people would be sad being away from family and friends, but this group was rejoicing in the opportunity they were given to serve Christ in such a unique way.

Totally challenged and pursuing a different way in learning how to love God whole heartedly….




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