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Give Christmas to Calcutta

I’ve lived in this city almost a year and though I’m based in Atlanta now, I can’t seem to stay away from this magical place called Calcutta more than a few months at a time.

Magical is far from what many would describe it as… but for me– its like home. Oscar seemed to understand the feeling and has been moved by the city and wonderful people since we arrived last night.

Oscar Torres is an amazing cinematic videographer I met this past summer in New York. We were both hired to shoot a wedding and our teams went out to celebrate with some coffee at the close of the day in beautiful Rochester.

As we sat there and discussed our journey into the media world, we found something we had in common: a heart for people– and a drive for missions.

Months went by and the organization I loved so much (Calcutta Mercy Ministries) decided to change my status from volunteer to employee. (This means I get to go to Calcutta more often and take pictures!)

When they asked if I knew a videographer, Oscar was the first person that came to mind. It’s easy to find people with talent, but rare to find people with passion.

Oscar has it in spades.

As we rode in the rickshaw today, we were both silent. (Probably the first time since we left Atlanta!) No matter how much I come to this city, or how many pictures I take, I never cease to be amazed at the hand of God here.

Most visitors would look at the city and ask the opposite: “Where is God?”

For me, I see Him at work– everywhere.

I see him at work in the feeding line when we give a child a meal…. A meal they would otherwise not eat today. I see him at work in the church when we pray for the father who feels as if he’s lost it all when he’s laid off from his job. Or when someone comes, like today, and is moved by the patients at Mercy Hospital

I was that someone today, and these little friends are the guys that inspired this idea.

Meet Shreya* & Ankit*

Both of these sweet children are awaiting cleft palate surgery…

Shreya’s mom talked with us today and joked how Shreya was a daddy’s girl. I kept telling her mother that Shreya was “kup sundor.”– “very beautiful” in Bangla. Her mother reminded me that yes, she was beautiful- except for her cleft palate. Once that is fixed, it will all be beautiful. And to think, we could change this little girls life with $400.

That’s all it costs for the surgery.

With an almost 2-year old niece, it makes me rethink this process in a totally different light. My niece is just now learning to talk… Like a parrot.

She repeats everything!

I think its kinda funny to talk ghetto with her repeating things like “Hey guh” or “whatchu doin”…It’s so cute to hear her little baby voice and watch her nose crinkle when she smiles…

….and then to see little Shreya, and know that unless she has this surgery– when she talks, the cleft palate will prohibit people from understanding her words.

And little Ankit– he is so funny! Today he began laughing hysterically when I inched my fingers close to his bare feet acting like I was going to tickle him. Just the thought made him squeal! He is a doll!… He has cleft lip and cleft palate. He easily gets infections, can’t eat well, and won’t be able to integrate into society without these 2 surgeries.

Giving Christmas t0 Calcutta is about kids like Shreya and Ankit. They probably won’t receive presents on Christmas, but your present of $400 could change their lives forever.

How amazing would it be to celebrate Christ’s birth, who forever changed our lives, by passing the gift to a child a need?

Consider giving Christmas to a child this year in Calcutta.

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(**Names changed for privacy**)


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