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Dilip: New Artist on iTunes

So… I normally don’t change my editing style because I’ve tried to always give a modern feel to my images…. However, that was before Dilip.

I met Dilip in Calcutta this past May when we both visited for the Rave Conference. He was “the band” and I was a workshop teacher.

I was so impressed with him and the guys. They have such a passion for God and heart for young people.

After the conference, every night, I was amazed to talk with him and the band about their adventures: Smuggled into foreign countries, hidden in trunks and underground rooms..

This is an amazing group of young men!

I’m so excited that he’s on iTunes and can’t wait to hear of more of his ventures!

We’re all so proud, Dilip!

To check out some of his music, go to :



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