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Jaeli’s 1st Fair!

Those of you who’ve seen my website may be wondering who that perfect little child in my “About” section is….

Meet Jaeli.

The most perfect niece a girl could ask for.

I was sooooo excited today when we went to the fair! — Her first one…

She had barbecue (only b/c some pediatrician said she’s too little for corn dogs), a funnel cake, went to the petting zoo where a llama spit on my dad and rode her first ride.. the helicopters… Talk about an eventful day!

And yes she is exactly 30″ tall(with her pony tail)…. How do I know that? ….Those little meters that say you have to be “this tall” to ride. hahaha

She had a great time and was the cutest little one there– oh and she loved spend time with her “d-d”… (thats’s me!)

Mom grabbed my camera and took a quick shot of us at the ticket booth… Good job Mom!

I guess photography must run in the family!:)



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