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Taylor: Class of 2012

Taylor S…..

Last year around Christmas time I was connected to this sweet girl, who I’m proud to call my friend today.:)

Her parents saw the natural talent in her photography hobby and decided it was time to make a major investment– a DSLR camera!

Taylor’s mom worked with a friend of mine and we sneaked messages back and forth discussing the camera that would be perfect for Taylor to begin with!

Needless to say, she was shocked at Christmas with her new gift and we enrolled together in a photography workshop that changed our lives!

Taylor’s natural eye and vision was evident in the class, but thats because she lives and breathes art.. (…though she would never admit it)

She has a unique eye and is able to see something completely destroyed and make it beautiful….Her latest venture? Windows.

She takes old windows and paints designs that people all over her county hang in their houses…

She dreams of going to SCAD next year– and they’d be crazy not to accept her.:)

I had such a great time at PIKE DEPOT shooting her pictures– and now they will be featuring her windows!

Congratulations Taylor!

We’re all proud of you!






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