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Wedding: Marianna + Valeriy

Tucked away in the quaint little town of Rochester, NY lies Colgate Divinity School. If it was just a college, the majestic castle- like structure would be beautiful enough for any daddy’s princess to attend, but the seminary school was not what made it divine this past Sunday.

It was the joining together of Val and Marianna’s lives. One of the most beautiful, holy unions I have yet been priveledged to be a part of.

The rebel, visionary and revolutionist from my home town of Atlanta- Dr. Martin Luther King, graduated from this very school… I couldn’t help but think Val and Marianna shared some of the same characteristics that made him so different… Misunderstood by many, loved by more, but a world changer is what he is remembered for , today…. I think Val and Marianna are headed in the same direction….

I flew in Saturday morning and met Marianna for the first time in person! The skype conversations we had just could not possibly do justice to the beautiful person, inside and out, that she truly is.

And Val- oh my goodness… Hadn’t changed a bit since I met him in college. Crazy, funny and full of mischief!

I laughed when they re-told the story of how they met… The typical “boy-sees-girl-meets-girl-asks-girl-out-and-girl-says-no” story. Val was charmingly relentless and planted “love seeds” for a year before asking the second time for a date…. This time Marianna said yes.

Oh- and I can’t write this blog without mentioning the bridal party! They were so much fun! I’d love to tell you ALL the places we took pictures at but I think some are supposed to be a secret 😉 . ahhaha Lets just say- the guys were really creative before the wedding, and the girls were really creative after the wedding!

One thing is sure.. I had so much fun learning about their Ukranian culture.. tasting the food….. hearing Marianna’s mother pray in Slavic (I understood nothing- but cried)…. experiencing certain traditions…… but most of all the time everyone shared…. it was a never ending party of friends that connected like family! What a great community to be a part of!!!

I hope you enjoy my favorites from the day…. Congratulations Val and Marianna, may your wildest dreams come true.



Kyle - February 17, 2012 - 1:27 pm

THis is the best shoot ever! :)

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