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Move 4 Freedom

First post on the new blog and couldn’t imagine a better way to start!

For those who are new to the blog, or to me, I have some explaining to do!

Well… here goes!

After I graduated from college I moved to India for almost a year… saw all types of people, volunteered with different organizations, but one, in particular, stole my heart.

Kids With Destiny.

On January 14, in Griffin, GA we had a photo shoot called “Shoot 4 freedom.”

Our aim wasn’t just to rescue women and children from the redlight- which by the way is an extremely bold and noble cause…

Our aim was to help those who don’t get rescued.

Out of the millions of dollars raised each year to rescue children, how many are actually rescued? I saw first hand, in India, how hard it is to get children out of there.

Not impossible. Just difficult.

One organization that I spoke with had been in Calcutta for 10 years and had been able to rescue a little more than 100 women and children.

100 women.

10 years.

In Calcutta’s main red-light district, Sonagachi, there are 10,000 women and children in a one mile stretch.

So what happens to them?

The ones who get left behind?

The ones who will not be able to get out?

Kids With Destiny happens.

In India, the caste system teaches that people are destined to do whatever their father or mother did.

So if your mother was trafficked into prostitution, then that is your destiny. You shouldn’t question the gods.

So how can this mindset be changed?

What can be given to them that can change their future?

Visit Kids With Destiny to find out!

Or attend the Shoot For Freedom Premier!


Volunteer Positions Available:

CL’s: Community Liaisons:  (okay social networkers, I know you’re out there!)

  • take a 10-pack(of premier tickets) and sell them to your friends, family or co-workers
  • take promo packets to businesses or friends and ask if they want to sponsor

Host/Hostess:  (this is for you friendly people:)

  • Show up an hour early and help out with last minute details
  • Make sure guests are comfortable and have what they need when they arrive (ballots, coat check, etc)
  • Hand out SWAG bags when guests leave


  • Decoration gurus

Any other talent not mentioned… I’m sure we could figure something out!

For more information on getting involved:








Lisa Mobely Mullis - March 4, 2011 - 9:45 am

How can I help? I dont have a lot of time but I can sponsor. Send me information ! Thx. Proud of you !

admin - March 4, 2011 - 5:25 pm

Thanks so much! I just e-mailed you the sponsorship information!

Emily Suber - March 9, 2011 - 5:34 pm

Hey Danielle,

This is Emily Suber. You are a great friend to Adam Crawford and I saw on facebook your ad about India and human trafficaking. I too have a heart for India and this ministry in rescuing women and children worldy! I have a question, what can I do to help with your ministry? Facebook me or chat me girl you are so beautiful and blessed for stepping out in faith to serve the world. I love you so much my sister in Christ. Take care and also give me a call how else I can help; 4789546884 Thanks and bless you!

Emily Suber

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